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Programming Yourself

You'll get started programming yourself right away! And when you realize you can program ANY belief, habit, or behavior? You'll be blown away.

Suddenly, you will be able to approach every single realm of your life with TRUE confidence.

You'll have the confidence to approach ANY girl... you'll never worry about procrastination again... and success will become a HABIT, rather just a theory. You can't live a life by design, without first starting with yourself.

Society wants you to be depressed, shy and weak. The Lambros want you to DOMINATE.

Programming Others

The ULTIMATE skill a man can possess is the ability to program others. You can make them INSTANTLY like and trust you, and you can persuade them to your desired outcome with ease. Each week, you'll learn a new method to program others, so you can thrive, and excel. In 2021? This is one of the most potent skills a man can have in his arsenal.

Programming Markets For Fun And Profit

You'll gain new techniques, strategies, and tools, so you can make ANY market fall in love with you, and BUY. You'll understand how to go to any market, and craft an offer which pays you every single week. Plus, some DARK methods that the Elite's use to program you into submission, you'll understand how to flip them in your favor so you can print money on command. These trainings alone are worth the investment 1000x over.


Complete the mind-body-soul trinity by applying Sol Brah's in-depth knowledge of the Physical; EXCLUSIVE content delivered to the Lambros Society.

Bodybuilding routines, supplement recommendations and meditation - if its about developing in the physical realm - the Lambros will be pursuing greatness.


Each week Dr. Ehrich & Solbrah will record a podcast where they bring in interesting guests... from multi millionaire marketers & business owners, right wing body builders... hypnotists... and many others.

This will be a podcast too hot for Spotify, but designed to gain wisdom from those typically silent.

(Some of these guests, or the topics they will discuss maybe controversial... but they will be effective in helping you elevate your life.)

Join 600+ Warriors in the Quest For Domination

The Lambro's Founders Club Special Edition Bonuses:


Cooking with Sol Brah details HOW and WHY to eat for optimal life and fitness success; this book will set the framework for your eating for the rest of your life.

Over 65+ Pages of quality recipes, health/nutrition advice and glorious aesthetic photos of the meals you are about to create...

Eat your way to a clearer mindset, higher energy and maximize the potential of your BODY and your LIFE.

You don't have to eat dry chicken breast and broccoli.

There is a way to eat food SO delicious you won't want a 'cheat' meal.

Take advantage of my years of experimentation to find out:
What is the best way to eat
Exactly how I cook my daily dishes
Tasty treats that you can feel great about
Tips and tricks for staying the path
and much more...

Read Cooking with Sol Brah and finally learn how to eat to truly optimize your life through quality fueling, boosting your health and fitness in a simple way that NEVER sacrifices on taste.


Terminate will reprogram your subconscious mind into A FORCE OF UNPARALLELED DRIVE, FOCUS AND DETERMINATION.

With TERMINATE you are essentially INSTALLING SOFTWARE directly into your brain.

As you listen to it, you will be ARMING yourself with beliefs that will have you DOMINATING life.

The Hidden Scrolls Of Professor Ehrich Weiss

Professor Ehrich Weiss has generated $20 million dollars + for his private clients.

Throughout those years... he has documented each steps, strategies, and psychological principles to do so. For the first time ever, these will be available to others. Implement them, and master the art & science of sales Alchemy.

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  • Possess the highest levels of confidence

  • A physique that makes girls approach you

  • The ability to reprogram yourself and others for your benefit

  • Dominate the stock market in ways that will make you thousands


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Join 600+ Warriors in the Quest For Domination